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Thursday, 5 October 2017

How to use mind maps in your study of medicine?

Medical students are totally aware of the difficulty in recalling all what they study.

Perhaps, each one has his/her preferred method of exam preparation, but in general, the study methods don’t significantly differ.

Some of us prefer mnemonics, and some depend on their “extraordinary” memorizing talent.

But, is it possible for everyone to build an efficient storage memory, with little of effort and more fun?

The answer is yes. You can use the technique of mind maps.

Mind mapping is a very well know method of drawing thoughts on paper to make them clear, and easy to remember. Mind maps can be simple explanatory diagrams or a large detailed charts.

They should be eye catching, and readily understood, and it’s preferable to contain simple drawings, colours, words or phrases, and logic arrangement of all these elements.

So, how can we use mind maps in our medical study?

To make things clear, here is an example:

Of course, the above shown diagram is just an example. It simply shows the possible complications of peptic ulcer disease.

Mind maps may be made in any way, with as little or as much images, or words, depending on personal preferences.

Everyone has his/her own style of mind mapping. Even the details in the map can vary.

You may ask: it’s OK now, I can remember the details about acute pancreatitis, but there are hundreds of subjects in medicine, and if I create a map for each, I will get totally lost.

So how can I solve this?

First, it’s still easy. Mind maps were invented to help memorization. You don’t need to build a map for a subject that you know very well.

Second, don’t repeat the same map pattern for each subject as much as you can. Make each map peculiar. You may put even pictures or write words that are not related to medicine but can enable you to memorize without difficulty.

Your aim is to draw a map that’ s not forgettable and easily recallable.

Put your effort to make some link between the subject title and the map elements, if possible.

If you start with this method right now, you will notice, by time, that your ability to efficiently memorize your subject, is steadily improving, and longer lasting , with a lot of fun.

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