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Saturday, 25 April 2015

What do you think?

In the emergency room, in the heart of a stormy hospital environment, full of noises, cries, and shouts, a young woman was brought by the ambulance in a critical condition. She wasn't accompanied by relatives, and her identity papers are lacking.

She was found in public park in a hidden corner, almost unresponsive, when a young boy saw her and called for help.

Doctor A examined the patient. She was stuporous , mildly feverish. Her pupils were dilated, and her blood pressure was low. 

Neurological examination showed no localized deficits.

There were no signs of trauma, violence, or injection marks.

ECG : right axis deviation and prolonged QT interval.

While she is in the way to the CT scan room, she got a generalized fit.

CT scan of the brain was normal.

Doctor B asked to treat the patient with activated charcoal. Doctor A said she must be treated with sodium bicarbonate infusion.

Doctor C explained the necessity of urgent hemodialysis.

Doctor D thought of gastric lavage.

What do you think? Who is right? Or do you think there is a correct action among the mentioned?

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